GSA: Biology Graduate Student Association

Enlarge Logo To provide students with financial support for conferences and academic support.
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Month of Elections: March
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Ramus, Aaron President\Primary Contact apr2993
Gantt, Shelby Vice-President seg7573
Cheripka, Alicia Treasurer amc4342
Neurohr, Julie Treasurer jmn6284
Lack, Claire Secretary cer6562
Zarn, Anna Secretary amz4211
Snowden, Robert Other Officer ros4607
Student is not active Other Officer amc5305
Anway, Evan Other Officer eca7372
Crocker, Chelsea Other Officer clc4233

Advisor Information:
Name Email
Dr. Stephen Kinsey

Reservation Delegates
Ramus, Aaron apr2993

Meeting Information:
Friday2:30 pmMonthlyDobo 104Monthly Meeting on Last...Open

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