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Enlarge Logo The Art Therapy Club is an organization of UNCW students joined together in a desire to learn about the purpose and benefits of art therapy. This organization unites a network of students, artists, creative thinkers, healers, helpers, and professionals. While the club is not limited to those pursuing a career in art therapy, this group provides opportunities to prepare for graduate level programs, including: portfolio development, resume improvement, and networking connections. We will broaden our understanding of art therapy by working with various populations and multiple demographics, helping local organizations and witnessing the healing power of art. The Art Therapy Club’s goal is not only to expand our knowledge and techniques, but also to channel our passion for art into the community and demonstrate its therapeutic capacity.
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Month of Elections: April
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Officers Information:
NamePositionUNCW email
Volz, Emily President\Primary Contact emv9438
Lehman, Dakota Vice-President dl8757
Snowden, Amanda Treasurer aas3012
Randolph, Brian Other Officer brr8801
Brantley, Logan Other Officer lab7651

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Volz, Emily emv9438

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